Migration in EJ2 JavaScript Grid control

13 Apr 202319 minutes to read

The following enum property values are changed from camel casing to pascal casing.

Enum Name Old Property Value New Property Value
SelectionType single Single
SelectionType multiple Multiple
SelectionMode cell Cell
SelectionMode row Row
SelectionMode both Both
CellSelectionMode flow Flow
CellSelectionMode box Box
EditMode normal Normal
EditMode dialog Dialog
EditMode batch Batch
TextAlign left Left
TextAlign right Right
TextAlign center Center
TextAlign justify Justify
GridLine both Both
GridLine none None
GridLine horizontal Horizontal
GridLine vertical Vertical
GridLine default Default
PrintMode allPages AllPages
PrintMode currentPage CurrentPage
FilterType filterbar FilterBar
FilterType excel Excel
FilterType menu Menu
FilterType checkbox CheckBox
FilterBarMode onenter OnEnter
FilterBarMode immediate Immediate
AggregateType sum Sum
AggregateType average Average
AggregateType max Max
AggregateType min Min
AggregateType count Count
AggregateType truecount TrueCount
AggregateType falsecount FalseCount
AggregateType custom Custom
WrapMode both Both
WrapMode header Header
WrapMode content Content
MultipleExportType appendtosheet AppendToSheet
MultipleExportType newsheet NewSheet
ToolbarItems add Add
ToolbarItems delete Delete
ToolbarItems update Update
ToolbarItems cancel Cancel
ToolbarItems edit Edit
ToolbarItems search Search
ToolbarItems columnchooser ColumnChooser
ToolbarItems print Print
ToolbarItems pdfexport PdfExport
ToolbarItems excelexport ExcelExport
ToolbarItems csvexport CsvExport
ToolbarItems wordexport WordExport
ClipMode clip Clip
ClipMode ellipsis Ellipsis
ClipMode ellipsiswithtooltip EllipsisWithTooltip
CommandButtonType edit Edit
CommandButtonType delete Delete
CommandButtonType save Save
CommandButtonType cancel Cancel
ContextMenuItem autoFitAll AutoFitAll
ContextMenuItem autoFit AutoFit
ContextMenuItem group Group
ContextMenuItem ungroup Ungroup
ContextMenuItem edit Edit
ContextMenuItem delete Delete
ContextMenuItem save Save
ContextMenuItem cancel Cancel
ContextMenuItem copy Copy
ContextMenuItem pdfExport PdfExport
ContextMenuItem excelExport ExcelExport
ContextMenuItem csvExport CsvExport
ContextMenuItem sortAscending SortAscending
ContextMenuItem sortDescending SortDescending
ContextMenuItem firstPage FirstPage
ContextMenuItem prevPage PrevPage
ContextMenuItem lastPage LastPage
ContextMenuItem nextPage NextPage
ColumnMenuItem autoFitAll AutoFitAll
ColumnMenuItem autoFit AutoFit
ColumnMenuItem group Group
ColumnMenuItem ungroup Ungroup
ColumnMenuItem sortAscending SortAscending
ColumnMenuItem sortDescending SortDescending
ColumnMenuItem columnChooser ColumnChooser
ColumnMenuItem filter Filter
PdfPageSize letter Letter
PdfPageSize note Note
PdfPageSize legal Legal
PdfPageSize a0 A0
PdfPageSize a1 A1
PdfPageSize a2 A2
PdfPageSize a3 A3
PdfPageSize a4 A4
PdfPageSize a5 A5
PdfPageSize a6 A6
PdfPageSize a7 A7
PdfPageSize a8 A8
PdfPageSize a9 A9
PdfPageSize b0 B0
PdfPageSize b1 B1
PdfPageSize b2 B2
PdfPageSize b3 B3
PdfPageSize b4 B4
PdfPageSize b5 B5
PdfPageSize archa Archa
PdfPageSize archb Archb
PdfPageSize archc Archc
PdfPageSize archd Archd
PdfPageSize arche Arche
PdfPageSize flsa Flsa
PdfPageSize halfletter HalfLetter
PdfPageSize letter11x17 Letter11x17
PdfPageSize ledger Ledger
PageOrientation landscape Landscape
PageOrientation portrait Portrait
ContentType image Image
ContentType line Line
ContentType pagenumber PageNumber
ContentType text Text
PdfPageNumberType lowerlatin LowerLatin
PdfPageNumberType lowerroman LowerRoman
PdfPageNumberType upperlatin UpperLatin
PdfPageNumberType upperroman UpperRoman
PdfPageNumberType numeric Numeric
PdfPageNumberType arabic Arabic
PdfDashStyle solid Solid
PdfDashStyle dash Dash
PdfDashStyle dot Dot
PdfDashStyle dashdot DashDot
PdfDashStyle dashdotdot DashDotDot
PdfHAlign left Left
PdfHAlign right Right
PdfHAlign center Center
PdfHAlign justify Justify
PdfVAlign top Top
PdfVAlign bottom Bottom
PdfVAlign middle Middle
ExportType currentpage CurrentPage
ExportType allpages AllPages
ExcelHAlign left Left
ExcelHAlign right Right
ExcelHAlign center Center
ExcelHAlign fill Fill
ExcelVAlign top Top
ExcelVAlign bottom Bottom
ExcelVAlign center Center
ExcelVAlign justify Justify
BorderLineStyle thin Thin
BorderLineStyle thick Thick