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The tree map control supports internationalization for the following elements:

  • Data label
  • Tooltip

For more information about number and date formatter, refer to internationalization.


Globalization is the process of designing and developing a component that works in different cultures/locales. Internationalization library is used to globalize number, date, and time values in the tree map control using the [format] property in the treemap model.

Numeric format

In the following code example, tooltip is globalized to Deutsch culture.

    <div class="control_wrapper">
        <ejs-treemap id="treemap" :dataSource='dataSource' :weightValuePath='weightValuePath' :format='format' :leafItemSettings='leafItemSettings' useGroupingSeparator='true'></ejs-treemap>
import Vue from 'vue';
import { TreeMapPlugin } from "@syncfusion/ej2-vue-treemap";

export default {
  data: function() {
    return {
    dataSource: [
        {State:"United States", GDP:17946, percentage:11.08, Rank:1},
    {State:"China", GDP:10866, percentage: 28.42, Rank:2},
    {State:"Japan", GDP:4123, percentage:-30.78, Rank:3},
    {State:"Germany", GDP:3355, percentage:-5.19, Rank:4},
    {State:"United Kingdom", GDP:2848, percentage:8.28, Rank:5},
    {State:"France", GDP:2421, percentage:-9.69, Rank:6},
    {State:"India", GDP:2073, percentage:13.65, Rank:7},
    {State:"Italy", GDP:1814, percentage:-12.45, Rank:8},
    {State:"Brazil", GDP:1774, percentage:-27.88, Rank:9},
    {State:"Canada", GDP:1550, percentage:-15.02, Rank:10}
    weightValuePath: 'GDP',
    leafItemSettings: {
        labelPath: 'GDP',
@import '../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-vue-treemap/styles/material.css';