Installation using Web Installer

30 Jan 20236 minutes to read


For the Essential Studio JavaScript – EJ2 product, Syncfusion offers a Web Installer. This installer alleviates the burden of downloading a larger installer. You can simply download and run the online installer, which will be smaller in size and will download and install the Essential Studio products you have chosen. You can get the most recent version of Essential Studio Web Installer here.

The frameworks listed below are supported in this installer.

  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • JavaScript (ES5)


The steps below show how to install Essential Studio JavaScript – EJ2 Web Installer.

  1. Open the Syncfusion Essential Studio JavaScript – EJ2 Web Installer file from downloaded location by double-clicking it. The Installer Wizard automatically opens and extracts the package.

    license download

    Note: The installer wizard extracts the syncfusionejs2webinstaller_{version}.exe dialog, which displays the package’s unzip operation.

  2. The Syncfusion JavaScript - EJ2 Web Installer’s welcome wizard will be displayed. Click the Next button.

    license download

  3. The Platform Selection Wizard will appear. From the Available tab, select the products to be installed. Select the Install All checkbox to install all products.


    license download

    If you have multiple products installed in the same version, they will be listed under the Installed tab. You can also select which products to uninstall from the same version. Click the Next button.


    license download

    Important: If the required software for the selected product isn’t already installed, the Additional Software Required alert will appear. You can, however, continue the installation and install the necessary software later.

    Required Software

    license download

  4. If previous version(s) for the selected products are installed, the Uninstall previous version wizard will be displayed. You can see the list of previously installed versions for the products you’ve chosen here. To remove all versions, check the Uninstall All checkbox. Click the Next button.

    license download

    Note: From the 2021 Volume 1 release, Syncfusion has provided option to uninstall the previous versions from 18.1 while installing the new version.

  5. Pop up screen will be displayed to get the confirmation to uninstall selected previous versions.

    license download

  6. The Confirmation Wizard will appear with the list of products to be installed/uninstalled. You can view and modify the list of products that will be installed and uninstalled from this page.

    license download

    Note: By clicking the Download Size and Installation Size links, you can determine the approximate size of the download and installation

  7. The Configuration Wizard will appear. You can change the Download, Install, and Demos locations from here. You can also change the Additional settings on a product-by-product basis. Click Next to install with the default settings.

    license download

    Additional settings

    • Select the Install Demos check box to install Syncfusion samples, or leave the check box unchecked, if you do not want to install Syncfusion samples
    • Select the Configure Syncfusion Extensions controls in Visual Studio checkbox to configure the Syncfusion Extensions in Visual Studio or clear this check box when you do not want to configure the Syncfusion Extensions in Visual Studio.
    • Check the Create Desktop Shortcut checkbox to add a desktop shortcut for Syncfusion Control Panel
    • Check the Create Start Menu Shortcut checkbox to add a shortcut to the start menu for Syncfusion Control Panel
  8. After reading the License Terms and Conditions, check the I agree to the License Terms and Privacy Policy check box. Click the Next button.

  9. The login wizard will appear. You must enter your Syncfusion email address and password. If you don’t have a Syncfusion account, you can create one by clicking on Create an Account. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to create a new one. Click the Install button.

    license download

    Important: The products you have chosen will be installed based on your Syncfusion License (Trial or Licensed).

  10. The download and installation\uninstallation progress will be displayed as shown below.

    license download

  11. When the installation is finished, the Summary wizard will appear. Here you can see the list of products that have been installed successfully and those that have failed. To close the Summary wizard, click Finish.

    license download

    • To open the Syncfusion Control Panel, click Launch Control Panel.
  12. After installation, there will be two Syncfusion control panel entries, as shown below. The Essential Studio entry will manage all Syncfusion products installed in the same version, while the Product entry will only uninstall the specific product setup.

    license download


Syncfusion JavaScript – EJ2 installer can be uninstalled in two ways.

  • Uninstall the JavaScript – EJ2 using the Syncfusion JavaScript – EJ2 web installer
  • Uninstall the JavaScript – EJ2 from Windows Control Panel

Follow either one of the option below to uninstall Syncfusion Essential Studio JavaScript – EJ2 installer

Option 1: Uninstall the JavaScript–EJ2 using the Syncfusion JavaScript–EJ2 web installer

Syncfusion provides the option to uninstall products of the same version directly from the Web Installer application. Select the products to be uninstalled from the list, and Web Installer will uninstall them one by one.

license download

Option 2: Uninstall the JavaScript–EJ2 from Windows control panel

You can uninstall all the installed products by selecting the Syncfusion Essential Studio {version} entry (element 1 in the below screenshot) from the Windows control panel, or you can uninstall JavaScript – EJ2 alone by selecting the Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript – EJ2 {version} entry (element 2 in the below screenshot) from the Windows control panel.

license download

Note: If the Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript {version} entry is selected from the Windows control panel, the Syncfusion Essential Studio JavaScript – EJ2 alone will be removed and the below default MSI uninstallation window will be displayed.