Exec command in EJ2 TypeScript Rich text editor control

30 Sep 20235 minutes to read

In Rich Text Editor, execCommand used to perform command for the modification of content in editable area.

The execCommand will perform the following commands.

Commands Description Code snippets
bold Bold the selected content in the Rich Text Editor. rteObj.executeCommand('bold');
italic The selected text will be italics. rteObj.executeCommand('italic');
underline Underline the selected text in the Rich Text Editor. rteObj.executeCommand('underline');
strikeThrough Apply single line strike through formatting for the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('strikeThrough');
superscript Makes the selected text as superscript (higher). rteObj.executeCommand('superscript');
subscript Makes the selected text as subscript (lower). rteObj.executeCommand('subscript');
uppercase Change the case of selected text to upper in the content. rteObj.executeCommand('uppercase');
lowercase Change the case of selected text to lower in the content. rteObj.executeCommand('uppercase');
fontColor Apply the specified font color for the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('fontColor', 'yellow');
fontName Apply the specified font name for the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('fontName', 'Arial');
fontSize Apply the specified font size for the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('fontSize', '10pt');
formatBlock Apply the specified format styles for the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('formatBlock', 'H1');
backColor Apply the specified background color the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('backColor', 'red');
justifyCenter Align the content with center margin. rteObj.executeCommand('justifyCenter');
justifyFull Align the content with justify margin. rteObj.executeCommand('justifyFull');
justifyLeft Align the content with left margin. rteObj.executeCommand('justifyLeft');
justifyRight Align the content with right margin. rteObj.executeCommand('justifyLeft');
undo Allows to undo the actions. rteObj.executeCommand('undo');
createLink Creates a hyperlink to a text or image to a specific location in the content. rteObj.executeCommand('createLink',{ text: 'Links', url: 'http://', title : 'Link' });
indent Allows to increase the indent level of the content. rteObj.executeCommand('indent');
insertHTML Insert the html content to the current cursor position. rteObj.executeCommand('insertHTML', 'inserted an html');
insertOrderedList Create a new list item(numbered). rteObj.executeCommand('insertOrderedList');
insertUnorderedList Create a new list item(bulleted). rteObj.executeCommand('insertUnorderedList');
outdent Allows to decrease the indent level of the content. rteObj.executeCommand('outdent');
redo Allows to redo the actions rteObj.executeCommand('redo');
removeFormat remove all formatting styles (such as bold, italic, underline, color, superscript, subscript, and more) from currently selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('removeFormat');
insertText Insert text to the current cursor position. rteObj.executeCommand('insertText', 'inserted a text');
insertImage Insert an image to the current cursor position. rteObj.executeCommand('insertImage', { url: 'https://ej2.syncfusion.com/javascript/demos/src/rich-text-editor/images/RTEImage-Feather.png', cssClass: 'rte-img'});
copyFormatPainter Copy the format of selected text and apply it to another text. rteObj.executeCommand('copyFormatPainter', formatPainterSettings);
applyFormatPainter Apply the copied format to the selected text. rteObj.executeCommand('applyFormatPainter');
escapeFormatPainter Remove the previously copied format and disable the sticky mode rteObj.executeCommand('escapeFormatPainter');

Note: The ‘ExecuteCommand’ public method is not supported in Syncfusion Markdown Editor