Template in Vue Spreadsheet component

16 Mar 20239 minutes to read

Cell Template is used for adding HTML elements into Spreadsheet. You can add the cell template in spreadsheet by using the template property and specify the address using the address property inside the ranges property. You can customize the Html elements similar to Syncfusion components (TextBox, DropDownList, RadioButton, MultiSelect, DatePicker etc) by using the beforeCellRender event. In this demo, Cell template is applied to C2:C9 and instantiated with Html input components like TextBox, RadioButton, TextArea. You need to bind the events to perform any operations through HTML elements or Syncfusion components. Here, we have added change event in to the MultiSelect control, and we have updated the selected data into the spreadsheet cell through that change event.

Sample link: Cell template


You can refer to our Vue Spreadsheet feature tour page for its groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore our Vue Spreadsheet example to knows how to present and manipulate data.

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