Comments in Document Editor Component

3 Mar 20231 minute to read

Document editor allows to add comments to documents. You can add, navigate and remove comments in code and from the UI.

Add a new comment

Comments can be inserted to the selected text.

documentEditor.editor.insertComment("Test comment");

Comment navigation

Next and previous comments can be navigated using the below code snippet.

//Navigate to next comment

//Navigate to previous comment

Delete comment

Current comment can be deleted using the below code snippet.


Delete all comment

All the comments in the document can be deleted using the below code snippet.


Protect the document in comments only mode

Document Editor provides support for protecting the document with CommentsOnly protection. In this protection, user is allowed to add or edit comments alone in the document.

Document editor provides an option to protect and unprotect document using enforceProtection and stopProtection API.


    var documenteditor;
    var container;
    function onCreated() {
        var documenteditorElement = document.getElementById('container');
        container = documenteditorElement.ej2_instances[0];
        documenteditor = container.documentEditor;
        container.documentEditor.editor.enforceProtection('123', 'CommentsOnly');
        //stop the document protection

Comment only protection can be enabled in UI by using Restrict Editing pane

Enable comment only protection


In enforce Protection method, first parameter denotes password and second parameter denotes protection type. Possible values of protection type are NoProtection |ReadOnly |FormFieldsOnly |CommentsOnly. In stop protection method, parameter denotes the password.