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You can customize the entire appearance of the input element and Calendar by using custom cssClass property, and also you can use the calendar’s renderDayCell event to customize the appearance of the each day cell.

Below is the list of classes that provides flexible way to customize the DatePicker component.

Class Name Description
e-date-wrapper Applied to DatePicker wrapper
e-datepicker Applied to the DatePicker element.
e-float-text Applied to the floating label.
e-date-icon Applied to the DatePicker icon.
e-popup-wrapper Applied to DatePicker popup wrapper.
e-calendar Applied to Calendar element.
e-header Applied to Calendar header.
e-title Applied to Calendar title.
e-icon-container Applied to Calendar previous and next icon container.
e-prev Applied to Calendar previous icon.
e-next Applied to Calendar next icon.
e-weekend Applied to Calendar weekend dates.
e-other-month Applied to Calendar other month dates.
e-day Applied to each day cell of the Calendar.
e-selected Applied to Calendar selected dates.
e-disabled Applied to Calendar disabled dates.

The following example disables the weekends of every month using renderDayCell event. Here, the e-disabled class is used to highlight the disabled date.

<ejs-datepicker id="datepicker" renderdaycell="onRenderCell" cssclass="e-custom-style" placeholder="Choose a Date"></ejs-datepicker>

function onRenderCell(args) {
    if ( == 0 || == 6) {
        //sets isDisabled to true to disable the date.
        args.isDisabled = true;
        //To know about the disabled date customization, you can refer in "styles.css".

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