Start and Depth View

19 Feb 20241 minute to read

The DatePicker has the following predefined views that provides a flexible way to navigate back and forth to select the date.

View Description
month (default) Displays the days in a month
year Displays the months in a year
decade Displays the years in a decade

Start view

You can use the start property to define the initial rendering view.

The following example demonstrates how to create a DatePicker with decade as initial rendering view.

<ejs-datepicker id="datepicker" start=Decade placeholder="Choose a Date"></ejs-datepicker>

Depth view

Define the depth property to control the view navigation.


Always the depth view has to be smaller than the start view, otherwise the view restriction will be not restricted.

<ejs-datepicker id="datepicker" depth=Year start=Decade placeholder="Choose a Date"></ejs-datepicker>


To know more about Calendar views refer the Calendar’s Calendar Views section.