System requirements for Angular components

24 Jan 20231 minute to read

This section explains the basic system requirements to work with Syncfusion Angular UI components.

Angular version

To get started with Syncfusion Angular UI components, make sure the Angular version is 6 or later.

Use the below command to check the Angular CLI version.

ng --version


Angular requires an active LTS or maintenance LTS version of Node.js.

For more information on installing Node.js, see To check the version of Node.js running on the system, run node -v in a terminal window.

Browser support

The Syncfusion Angular UI components are supported only in modern browsers. Refer to the browser compatibility section for more information.

Angular supported versions

The following table represents the supported Angular versions by different Syncfusion Angular UI components releases.

Version Syncfusion Angular components version
Angular v14 20.2.36 and above
Angular v13 19.4.38 and above
Angular v12 19.3.43 and above
Angular v11 18.4.31 and above
Angular v10 18.2.55 and above
Angular v9 17.4.51 and above
Angular v8 17.1.50 and above
Angular v7 16.3.32 and above

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