Example of undefined in React Tree Grid Component


This sample demonstrates the Tree Grid paging feature. In this sample, click the numeric items to navigate to another page. You can also change the page size using the dropdown.

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Paging allows you to display the contents of the Tree Grid in page segments. By default, paging is disabled. To enable paging, set{" "} allowPaging property to true.{" "} pageSettings->pageSizes property enables a dropdown in pager which allows you to change the number of records in the Tree Grid dynamically.

In this demo, the Tree Grid is rendered with{" "} pageSettings->pageSizes set to true and have an option to change the pagesize of Tree Grid dynamically.

Injecting Module: Tree Grid features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use paging feature, we need to inject{" "} Page module into the services.

More information on the paging configuration can be found in this documentation section.