Example of undefined in React Query Builder Component


This sample demonstrates the Query Builder component by showing different types of queries such as SQL and MongoDB . The query preview can be changed using the tab component. Queries can be imported to the Query Builder using the import dropdown button.

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In this demo, Query Builder features include exporting and importing the query as an SQL query and MongoDB queries. MongoDB Query Builder is a tool that allows users to search for error logs in a MongoDB database. It provides a user-friendly interface for constructing and executing queries and allows users to filter, sort, and export the results for further analysis.

The following methods were used in this sample to perform mongo and SQL query related changes.

  • setMongoQuery
  • getMongoQuery
  • setParameterizedSQL
  • getParameterizedSQL
  • setParameterizedNamedSQL
  • getParameterizedNamedSQL

More information about Query Builder can be found in this documentation section.