Essential Studio for EJ2 JavaScript Release Notes

September 04, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • ODataV4 - Added ETag information for CRUD operations.
  • ODataV4 - Resolved 404 Not Found error, during update and delete when having string value as primary key.


Bug Fixes

  • Added AppendTo argument in the open event to specifies which node to be appended on the pop-up element.
  • Fixed the validation issue in mobile devices.


Bug Fixes

  • The Value can be obtained in the code-behind, while posting the selected value from the DateRangePicker control.
  • Now, the entire properties of pop-up element of DateRangePicker can be customized in the open event.


Bug Fixes

  • Script error thrown with dynamic column and datasource inside the service subscription.
  • Cell selection misbehaves when having both checkbox and template columns in Grid issue is fixed.
  • Initial sorting and grid sorting is fixed when isFrozen property set for column.
  • Maximum call stack occurred when traverse through grouped hierarchy grid issue resolved.

Breaking Changes

  • For remote data, while using the checkbox/excel filter, the search operator is changed to equal for number and date type columns.
  • Previously startswith operator was used.


Bug Fixes

  • Unable to paste image copied from windows in RichTextEditor issue has been resolved.