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Name Description
CellEditSettings Configures the edit behavior of the Grid.
ConditionalSettings Configures the conditional based hyper link settings.
DisplayOption It holds the option for configure the chart and grid view.
GroupingBarSettings It holds the settings of Grouping Bar.
HyperlinkSettings It holds the settings of Hyperlink.
PivotView Represents the PivotView component.
ChartSettings Configures the chart settings.
PivotAxis Configures the axes in charts.
PivotChartAxisFont third party configures for chart axis in chart settings.
PivotChartSeriesBorder third party configures for chart series in chart settings.
PivotChartSettingsChartArea third party configures in chart settings.
PivotSeries Configures the series in charts.
PivotTooltipSettings Configures the ToolTips in the chart.
PivotZoomSettings Configures the zooming behavior for the chart.
CalculatedFieldSettings Configures the calculatedfields settings.
ConditionalFormatSettings Configures the conditional format settings.
DataSourceSettings Configures the settings of dataSource.
DrillOptions Configures drilled state of field members.
FieldOptions Configures the fields in dataSource.
Filter Configures the filter settings.
FormatSettings Configures the format settings of value fields.
GroupSettings Configures the group settings of fields.
Sort Configures the sort settings.
Style Configures the style settings.
ValueSortSettings Configures value sort settings.
GridSettings Represents Pivot widget model class.
PivotSelectionSettings Interface for a class SelectionSettings