Example of Work Days in Javascript Scheduler Control

Work Days

This demo showcases how to set customized working days as well as first day of a week on Scheduler.

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In this demo, the working days of a week can be set on Scheduler using the workDays property which accepts the collection of day indexes (from 0 to 6) of a week. By default, it is set to [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] and in this demo, it has been set to [1, 3, 5] which means that Monday, Wednesday, Friday is being set as working days of a week and is visually differentiated from non-working days. The working hours usually applies only on these given working days. The first day of the week can also be set on the Scheduler by making use of the firstDayOfWeek property, doing so which will make the Scheduler to start with that day. Note: Here, Sunday is always denoted as 0, Monday as 1 and so on.