Example of Hide Non-Working Days in Javascript Scheduler Control

Hide Non-Working Days

This demo depicts the way to show or hide the weekend days of a week on Scheduler. The days whichever not specified in working days collections will be taken into consideration as weekend days.

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Non-Working days

In this demo, the showWeekend property is used either to show or hide the weekend days of a week and it is not applicable on WorkWeek view. By default, it is set to true. The days which are not a part of the working days collection of a Scheduler are usually considered as weekend days here. Here, the working days are defined as [1, 3, 4, 5] on Scheduler. Therefore, the remaining days (0, 2, 6 – Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday) are considered as weekend days and will be hidden from the views as the showWeekend property is set to false.