Example of Export and Import ICS in Javascript Scheduler Control

Export and Import ICS

This example showcases how to export the Scheduler events to a calendar (.ics) file, as well as how to import events from an .ics file (downloaded from any of the calendars like Google or Outlook) into our Scheduler.

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Export as iCalendar
Import iCalendar file

In this example, the Scheduler events can be exported to a calendar (.ics) file by making use of the exportToICalendar public method. By default, the calendar is exported with a file name Calendar.ics. To change this file name on export, pass the custom string value as fileName to get the file downloaded with this provided name. The events from external calendars can also be imported into Scheduler by making use of the importICalendar method. This method accepts the blob object of an .ics file to be imported as a mandatory argument. Module Injection To start using the export and import ICS functionality in Scheduler, you need to import the ICalendarExport and ICalendarImport modules from @syncfusion/ej2-schedule package and then inject them using the Schedule.Inject(ICalendarExport, ICalendarImport) method.