Example of Insert Emoticons in Javascript Rich Text Editor Control

Insert Emoticons

This sample shows how to add your own emoticons to toolbar of the Rich Text Editor. The “🙂” emoticon is added to insert custom emoticons in the editor. Click the “🙂” command to show the custom emoticons list, and then choose the emoticon to be inserted in the editor.

More Details...

The custom command "insert emoticons" is configured as the last item of the toolbar. Click on the command and choose the emoticon you want to include from the popup.


The Rich Text Editor allows you to configure your own commands to its toolbar using toolbarSettings property. The command can be plain text, icon, or HTML template. You can also define the order and group where the command should be included. Bind the action to the command by getting its instance. Injecting Module The above features built as modules have to be included in your application. For example, to use image and link, inject the specific module using RichTextEditor.Inject (Toolbar, Link, Image, HtmlEditor, QuickToolbar).