Example of Online Html Editor in Javascript Rich Text Editor Control

Online Html Editor

The online HTML editor sample demonstrates how to create LIVE editing scenario with real-world applications using JavaScript Rich Text Editor. Most of the control features are enabled in this sample to edit the content quickly.

You can edit the source code and content also parallelly. The source code is formatted using the code mirror library.

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Welcome to the HTML real-time live editor!

Create and edit the valid HTML code simply! You don't worry about the HTML syntax to format your text content. The WYSIWYG editor (left side view) provided the toolbar to make format text and insert images, tables, and more options.

Don't worry about syntax

The content editing works bi-directional, you can write the HTML code on the right-side view (code view), and changes will reflect in the WYSIWYG editor.


This sample explains how to create a live HTML editor application using Rich Text Editor.