Example of WIP Validation in Javascript Kanban Control

WIP Validation

This sample demonstrates how to limit the minimum and maximum number of cards to each column of the Kanban control. Configured the options in the property panel to change the constraint type and related attributes.

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Validate Constraints


This sample validates the number of cards in the particular column or swimlane using the constraintType property. This property contains two types: Column: Validates the number of cards based on the particular column. By default, column validation is applied to Kanban board. Swimlane: Validation applies based on number of cards in a particular column cell and swimlane. This sample contains the following properties: Columns: You can choose a column and set maximum and minimum limit to the selected column. minCount: Minimum limit of cards required for each column. If the cards count do not reach the minimum limit, it will indicate the validation failed state. maxCount: Maximum limit of cards per column. If the cards count exceeds the maximum limit, it will indicate the validation failed state.