Example of Sorting API in Javascript Data Grid Control

Sorting API

This sample demonstrates the usage of sorting API in Grid. In this sample, use the properties panel to sort/unsort columns using API.

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Sorting feature enables us to order the data in a particular direction. It can be enabled by setting the allowSorting as true. To sort a Grid column simply click the column header. The icons (ascending) and (descending) specifies the sort direction of a column. By default, multi-sorting is enabled in Grid, to sort multiple column hold CTRL key and click the column header. To clear sort for a column, hold SHIFT key and click the column header. While using Grid in a touch device, you have an option for multi sorting in single tap on the grid header. By tapping on the grid header, it will show the toggle button in small popup with sort icon. Now tap the button to enable the multi-sorting in single tap. In this demo, select the column and direction from the properties panel then click the Sort button. Use the Clear button to remove sort for the selected column. Injecting Module: Grid features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use sorting feature, we need to inject Sort using the Grid.Inject(Sort) section. More information on the sorting feature configuration can be found in this documentation section.