Example of Wizard Form in Javascript Form Validation Control

Wizard Form

This sample is used to validate form using the wizard Validation. Type values in the input element and click the Next to validate the current tab. If it has any invalid case, it will not navigate to next tab. Once the current tab is valid then only it goes to the next tab. In Wizard form we can navigate between previous and current tab. Previous button is used to navigate the previous tab.

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The wizard Validation enables the current display tab validation with the formvalidator rules. Field Rule Example Required The field must have any value value Email The input must have email format ej2@syncfusion.com Password The input must have password format **** Number The input must have number format 123 Enter the above values in the corresponding input elements and click the next button to validate the current tab once it is valid then go to the next tab. At the last tab, the Next button acts as a submit.