Example of undefined in Javascript Breadcrumb Control

Overflow Modes

This sample demonstrates the different types of overflow mode such as Hidden, Menu, Wrap, Collapsed, and Scroll in the Breadcrumb component.

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Overflow Mode - Hidden
Overflow Mode - Menu
Overflow Mode - Collapsed
Overflow Mode - Wrap
Overflow Mode - Scroll

Overflow mode limits the number of items to be displayed in the view when the breadcrumb's width exceeds the container width or maxItems property. The following overflow mode's were available in the Breadcrumb component. Hidden - Specified maxItems count will be visible and the remaining items will be hidden. While clicking on the previous item, the hidden item will become visible. Collapsed - Only the first and last items will be visible, and the remaining items will be hidden with collapsed icon. When the collapsed icon is clicked, all the items become visible. Menu - Shows the number of breadcrumb items that can be accommodated within the container space, and creates a sub menu with the remaining items. Wrap - Wraps the items on multiple lines when the Breadcrumb’s width exceeds the container space. Scroll - Shows an HTML scroll bar when the Breadcrumb’s width exceeds the container space. None - Shows all the items on a single line. More information about Breadcrumb component can be found in this documentation section.