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Example of Format Table in ASP.NET MVC Word (DocIO) Library

This sample demonstrates how to format the tables in the Word document using Essential DocIO.
Click the button to view the generated Word document or PDF. Please note that Microsoft Word Viewer or Microsoft Word is required to view the resultant Word document and PDF viewer is required to view the resultant PDF.
Save As :
DocIO allows to insert the tables in the Word document and apply various formatting like indent, alignment, cell margins, cell spacing, borders, shadings, etc.
  • You can insert table as "in line with text" or "position relative to the page" in the Word document.
  • You can customize the table by adding, deleting, merging and splitting the rows and cells.
  • When the table spans across multiple pages, you can specify the header row to be repeated on each page.
  • You can make tables in the Word document accessible by defining alternate text.
More information about table formatting can be found in this documentation section.