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Example for Default Aggregate in ASP.NET MVC Tree Grid Control

This sample demonstrates aggregate functionality of the TreeGrid. In this sample, the aggregate value for the columns "Units" and "Unit Price" is displayed in column footer and provide an option to show child summary.

Show Child Summary

The TreeGrid supports aggregates which will be displayed at the footer and every hierarchy level. The aggregate configurations can be provided by the aggregates property.

The built-in aggregates are,

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Min
  • Max
  • Count
  • TrueCount
  • FalseCount
  • Custom - Requires the customAggregate property to perform aggregation. The custom aggregate value can be accessed inside template using the key ${custom}

In this demo, the footerTemplate property is used to display three different aggregates in the TreeGrid footer.

  • Showing minimum aggregate for "Units" column and the footerTemplate using its type name as (${Min}).
  • Showing maximum aggregate for "Unit Price" column and the footerTemplate using its type name as (${Max}).

The template expression should be provided inside ${...} the interpolation syntax.

More information about aggregate can be found in this documentation section.