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Example of Hello World in ASP.NET MVC PowerPoint (Presentation) Library

This sample demonstrates how to create slides, shapes, paragraphs and adding texts in a PowerPoint presentation.
Click the button to view a presentation document generated by Essential Presentation. Please note that Microsoft PowerPoint viewer is required to view the resultant document.


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch with few lines of code.
  • Open the existing PowerPoint presentation from file system or stream, modify and save it back.
  • Save the PowerPoint presentation to a local file, stream, or stream it to the client browser.
  • Create, edit and convert shapes.
  • Create, edit and convert text.
  • Add and manipulate single-level and multilevel lists equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Create, edit and convert charts.
  • Create, edit and convert SmartArt diagrams.
  • Create, edit and convert tables with different styles.
  • Copy and paste PowerPoint slides with source and destination paste options.
  • Create, reply and edit comments.
  • Create, edit and convert notes pages.
  • Apply, edit and convert formatting of slide elements.