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Example of Field List in ASP.NET MVC Pivot Table Control

This sample demonstrates the Excel-like field list feature of the pivot table. The pivot fields are automatically populated from the bound data source, and they can be dragged and dropped to create and alter the report at runtime.


The pivot table provides a built-in field list very similar to Microsoft Excel. The top section of the field list allows the user to add and remove fields. The bottom section of the field list allows the user to rearrange the fields between different axes, including column, row, value, and filter along with filter and sort options.

To show the field list independently, create as separate control namely PivotFieldList and assign JSON data source to its dataSourceSettings->dataSource property. Simultaneously pivot table will be populated by passing its instance in the updateView method, inside the enginePopulated event of field list.

Additionally, user interface for calculated field, label filter, and value filter features have been enabled in this demo by setting the properties allowCalculatedField, dataSourceSettings->allowLabelFilter and dataSource->allowValueFilter to true.

NOTE: To enable calculated field, inject CalculatedField module.