Upgrading Syncfusion ASP.NET Core

4 May 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion releases new volumes once every three months, with exciting new features. There will be one Service Pack release for these volume releases. Service Pack releases are provided to address major bug fixes in the volume releases.

You can upgrade to our latest version from any installed Syncfusion version.

See our Upgrade Guide for ASP.NET Core - EJ2 to learn more about the “Breaking Changes, Bug Fixes, Features and Knows Issues” between your current version and the latest version you are trying to upgrade.

Upgrading to the latest version

The most recent version of Syncfusion ASP.NET Core - EJ2 can be downloaded and installed by clicking on the “Latest Version: {Version}” link at the top of the Syncfusion ASP.NET Core - EJ2 Control Panel.

Web Installer Upgrade

You can also upgrade to the latest version just by downloading and installing the products you require from this link. The existing installed versions are not required to be uninstalled.

It is not required to install the Volume release before installing the Service Pack release. As releases for Volume and Service Packs work independently, you can install the latest version with major bug fixes directly.

Upgrading from trial version to license version

To upgrade from trial version, there are two possible solutions.

  • If you are using Syncfusion controls from nuget.org, replace the currently used trial license key with a paid license key that can be generated from the License & Downloads section of the website. Refer to this topic for more information regarding registering the license in the application.


Starting with 2022 Volume 1 v20.1.0.47, all Syncfusion customers (evaluators and paid customers) who use Syncfusion installers or nuget packages from nuget.org must generate and register the corresponding platform and version license key in your projects.

For more information, please see this help topic.