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Show/hide tooltip in ASP.NET Core Pivot Grid control

21 Oct 2021 / 1 minute to read

You can set the visibility of tooltip using showTooltip in the pivot grid.

By Default, tooltip enabled in the pivot grid.

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<ejs-pivotview id="PivotGrid" height="300" showTooltip="false">
    <e-datasource data="" expandAll="false">
            <e-field name="Amount" format="C0" maximumSignificantDigits="10" minimumSignificantDigits="1" useGrouping="true"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Country"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Products"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Year" caption="Production Year"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Quarter"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Sold" caption="Units Sold"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Amount" caption="Sold Amount"></e-field>
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public ActionResult Index()
    var data = GetPivotData(); = data;
    return View();