Set the cursor at the specific range in Angular Rich text editor component

19 Sep 20223 minutes to read

This can be achieved by using setRange method in the RTE using NodeSelection instance. In this below sample, you have passed the text node (specific location in RTE content) in setStart method and passed the range in setRange method of RTE.

import { Component, ViewChild } from '@angular/core';
import { ToolbarService, LinkService, NodeSelection, ImageService, HtmlEditorService, RichTextEditorComponent  } from '@syncfusion/ej2-angular-richtexteditor';
  selector: 'app-root',
  template: `<ejs-richtexteditor id='defaultRTE' #sample (created)="onCreate($event)">
  <ng-template #valueTemplate>
    <p>The Rich Text Editor is WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor useful to create and edit content, and return the valid <a href="" target="_blank">HTML markup</a> or <a href=""
      target="_blank">markdown</a> of the content</p>
      <p id="key"><b>Toolbar</b></p>
              <p> Toolbar contains commands to align the text, insert link, insert image, insert list, undo/redo operations, HTML view, etc </p>
              <p> Toolbar is fully customizable </p>
  <div><input id="btn" class="e-btn" type="button" value="Set cursor point" /></div>`,
  providers: [ToolbarService, LinkService, ImageService, HtmlEditorService ]
export class AppComponent  {
  @ViewChild('sample') public rteObj: RichTextEditorComponent;
  onCreate() {
  const element: Element = this.rteObj.contentModule.getDocument().getElementById("key");
  document.getElementById('btn').onclick = function() {
    const selectioncursor: NodeSelection = new NodeSelection();
    const range: Range = document.createRange();
    range.setStart(element.childNodes[0].firstChild, element.textContent.length); // to set the range
    selectioncursor.setRange(document, range); // to set the cursor
import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
import { RichTextEditorAllModule } from '@syncfusion/ej2-angular-richtexteditor';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';

 * Module
    imports: [
    declarations: [AppComponent],
    bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }
import { platformBrowserDynamic } from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic';
import { enableProdMode } from '@angular/core';
import { AppModule } from './app.module';