Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

April 19, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I373560 - Issue with “exception throws while typing the special characters on the input” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I372766 - Now axis labels rendered properly when resizing.
  • Now tooltip is rendered properly when RTL is enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • F173431 - Issue with Checkbox validation state is incorrect issue has been resolved.

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I374477 - Resolved the script error in XmlHttpRequest in lock and edit.
  • #I372421 - Resolved issues in insert row/column paragraph format inheritance from previous paragraph.
  • #IF173898 - Resolved the highlight color is not preserved in copy/paste.


Bug Fixes

  • #372623 - New record keeps an editable state in dependency tab even after switching the tabs has been fixed.
  • #373803 - Scrollbar not available in notes tab issue has been fixed.
  • #372344 - Issue in taskLabelTemplate using ngTemplate has been fixed.
  • #372131 - Issue in taskbarTemplate with enableMultiTaskbar enabled has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Issue with “Keyboard navigation correction for select the multiple items of listbox” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F173763,#I372051,#I371821 - Issue with “filtering is not working properly while rendering the component with item template” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #I366955- Now, the page can be scrolled in mobile mode when it is in fitToPage mode.
  • #I368168- PDF Viewer toolbar appeared properly from view on zooming in mobile mode.
  • #I367878- The Script error will no longer be thrown while clicking the form field for the second time.
  • #I368770,#I373344,#I372215- Now, the properties of text box fields are changed properly using the textFieldSettings property.
  • #I370140- The label content of calibrate annotations is correctly updated when their properties are edited programmatically.
  • #I370758- The Script error will no longer be thrown while downloading the document after adding the handwritten type signature in mobile device.
  • #I370904- The signature collection and some signature properties are properly defined in the addSignature event on mobile device.
  • #I373344,#I372215- The Script error will no longer be thrown while adding PDF Viewer to the Angular application.


  • #I362221,#I364814,#I368380,#I363379- Provided the support for field Id and field Name for the Form Fields events.
  • #I353301- Implemented the zoomTo method.

Radio Button

Bug Fixes

  • F171644 - Issue with Name attribute not updated properly in radio button and checkbox for components has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I367373 - Now, pressing ctrl+z to undo the changes works properly when enterKey is configured as BR.


Bug Fixes

  • #I373678 - An issue with the recurrence appointment time change in the DST time zone has been fixed.
  • #I372043 - An issue with the appointment rendering performance of the month view has been fixed.
  • #I373179 - The Schedule exportToICalendar method throws a script error on exporting events issue has been fixed.
  • #I373707 - An issue with the appointments in the min-max date range not rendered in the month view has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I372580 - Custom function causes exception in spreadsheet server while performing save operation issue resolved.
  • #I372580 - Multiple cell range in custom formula is passed directly as cell range.