Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

December 14, 2018



  • Added the Islamic calendar support.


Breaking Changes

  • Export functionality has been moved into separate module. To export the chart, inject the Export module.



  • Added the Islamic DatePicker support.



  • Added the Islamic DateTimePicker support.


Bug Fixes

  • Introduced a new argument isInteracted by deprecating existing event argument isInteraction for unique naming convention.

Pivot Grid

Bug Fixes

  • 219623 - Text in the field list tab gets completely displayed in mobile layout.
  • 219625 - Scrolling works properly in touch mode when virtual scroll option is enabled.
  • 219625 - In mobile device, virtual scrolling sample is loaded properly from the sample browser.
  • 219625 - In mobile device, last column cells are displayed properly.


  • Raw items in the control can be edited and updated at runtime.
  • Provided support to list the raw items for a particular value cell.
  • In the filter pop-up, provided support to set the limit the display field values and search option for refining the values from large data.
  • Provided hyperlink support to perform any custom operation programmatically.
  • Defer update option has been provided to refresh the control on-demand and not during every UI interaction for better performance.
  • Provided support to show or hide subtotals and grand totals for rows and columns.
  • More aggregation types like – Distinct Count, Product, Running Totals, Percentage of Column Total, Percentage of Parent Column Total, Population Var are added.



  • Provided support to display Scheduler in Islamic calendar mode.