Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

April 10, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • Issue with Calendar date generation in UTC+00:00 time zone has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • The issue, Value is not updated correctly when diacritics words are used in AutoComplete has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Pager Dropdown values is not updated while dynamically changing the Page size issue is resolved.
  • Provide locale column format support for excel-export.
  • Setting filter Properties through setProperties method is resolved.
  • Changing frozen columns from null throws script error is resolved.
  • Excel exporting group caption shows field name instead of header text issue is resolved.
  • String values not accepted for methods from window in custom filter menu template is resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • Provided option to findItem from given list element.


Bug Fixes

  • Issue in TreeView while ‘cancel’ the nodeDragDrop event is fixed.
  • Issue in TreeView drag and drop function, while adding ‘e-droppable’ class in the target element is fixed.