Keyboard interaction

5 Jan 20235 minutes to read

The angular PDF Viewer supports the following keyboard interactions.

Action Windows Macintosh
Shortcuts for page navigation    
Navigate to the first page Home Function + Left arrow
Navigate to the last page End Function + Right arrow
Navigate to the previous page Up Arrow Up Arrow
Navigate to the next page Down Arrow Down Arrow
Shortcuts for Zooming    
Perform zoom-in operation CONTROL + = COMMAND + =
Perform zoom-out operation CONTROL + - COMMAND + -
Retain the zoom level to 1 CONTROL + 0 COMMAND + 0
Shortcut for Text Search    
Open the search toolbar CONTROL + F COMMAND + F
Shortcut for Text Selection    
Copy the selected text or annotation or form field CONTROL + C COMMAND + C
Cut the selected text or annotation of the form field CONTROL + X COMMAND + X
Paste the selected text or annotation or form field CONTROL + Y COMMAND + Y
Shortcuts for the general operation    
Undo the action CONTROL + Z COMMAND + Z
Redo the action CONTROL + Y COMMAND + Y
Print the document CONTROL + P COMMAND + P
Delete the annotations and form fields Delete Delete
import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { LinkAnnotationService, BookmarkViewService, MagnificationService,
         ThumbnailViewService,ToolbarService, NavigationService,
         TextSearchService, AnnotationService, TextSelectionService,
       } from '@syncfusion/ej2-angular-pdfviewer';
  selector: 'app-container',
  // specifies the template string for the PDF Viewer component
  template: `<div class="content-wrapper">
                <ejs-pdfviewer id="pdfViewer"
  providers: [ LinkAnnotationService, BookmarkViewService, MagnificationService,
               ThumbnailViewService, ToolbarService, NavigationService,
               AnnotationService, TextSearchService, TextSelectionService,
  export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
      public service = '';
      public document = 'PDF_Succinctly.pdf';