Filter template in Angular Grid component

18 Nov 20221 minute to read

Filter template provides an option to use the custom filter UI for a particular column by using the columns.filterTemplate can be used by the filter bar, menu, and advanced filter from an excel filter.

The columns.filterTemplate property value should be a Angular functional component.

Template context

When using the filter template, you can access the column information inside the NgTemplate and bind the attributes, values, or elements based on this column information.

The following properties will be available at the time of template execution.

Property Name Usage
column An object property that defines whether the current column is enabled or not.

In the following code example, the filter in the Name textbox is disabled by using the columns.allowFiltering property.

// The disabled attributes will be added based on the column property.
<DropDownListComponent id='dropdown' enabled={data.column.allowFiltering} popupHeight="250px" fields={this.fields} dataSource={data} />