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Syncfusion Vue supported versions

02 Feb 2023 / 1 minute to read

Vue version compatibility

The following table represents the supported Vue versions by different Syncfusion Vue UI components releases.

Version Syncfusion Vue components version
Vue v2.7 20.3.47 and above
Vue v3.0 19.2.44 and above

Syncfusion version information

In a year, Syncfusion releases new volumes once every three months. Syncfusion Vue components follows sequence-based identifiers to process software releases based on the YearlyVersion.Major.Revision format to track all the release changes. It helps developers to keep track of the changes in every release.

For example, if the release package version is 20.3.47, the version number indicates the details as follows,

  • 20 denotes the yearly release version, which changes every year.
  • 3 denotes the major release version. Once every three months, Syncfusion releases a new volume. Here, 3 represents the third release of the year.
  • 47 denotes the revision number also known as the patch number, which increases for each service pack release and weekly patch release.

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