Syncfusion Vue supported versions

4 Jul 20231 minute to read

Vue version compatibility

The following table represents the supported Vue versions by different Syncfusion Vue UI components releases.

Version Syncfusion Vue components version
Vue v2.7 20.3.47 and above
Vue v3.0 19.2.44 and above

Syncfusion version information

Syncfusion follows a quarterly release schedule, introducing new volumes every three months. To track these releases and their associated changes, Syncfusion Vue components utilize a sequence-based identifier system, employing the format Major.Minor.Revision. This system enables developers to easily monitor modifications made in each release.

For example, if the release package version is 22.1.34, the version number can be interpreted as follows:

  • 22 represents the major release version. This number changes every three months and encompasses significant updates, new features, as well as bug fixes and breaking changes.

  • 1 corresponds to the minor release version. This number signifies releases primarily focused on new features and addressing bugs, without introducing breaking changes.

  • 34 denotes the revision number, also referred to as the patch number. This number increases for weekly patch releases, which predominantly consist of bug fixes and do not introduce new features or breaking changes.

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