Set item wise custom template in Vue Toolbar component

16 Mar 20232 minutes to read

The Toolbar supports adding template commands using the template property. Template property can be given as the HTML element that is
either a string or a query selector.

As a string

The HTML element tag can be given as a string for the template property. Here, the checkbox is rendered as a HTML template.

template: "<div><input type='checkbox' id='check1' checked=''>Accept</input></div>"

As a selector

The template property also allows getting template content through query selector. Here, checkbox ‘ID’ attribute is specified in the template.

template: "#Template"
  <div id="app">
    <div id='container' style="margin:50px auto 0; width:100%;">
         <ejs-toolbar >
             <e-item text='Cut'></e-item>
             <e-item type='Separator'></e-item>
             <e-item text='Paste'></e-item>
             <e-item type='Separator'></e-item>
             <e-item :template='templateEle'></e-item>
             <e-item text='Undo'></e-item>
             <e-item text='Redo'></e-item>
             <e-item :template='templateEleId'></e-item>
import Vue from 'vue';
import { ToolbarPlugin } from "@syncfusion/ej2-vue-navigations";

export default {
  name: 'app',
  data () {
  return {
    templateEle: '<input placeholder="Search" style="height:27px;"/>';
    templateEleId: '#Template';
  @import "../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-base/styles/material.css";
  @import "../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-vue-buttons/styles/material.css";
  @import "../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-vue-popups/styles/material.css";
  @import "../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-vue-navigations/styles/material.css";