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Syncfusion Vue UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

August 8, 2022



  • #I393292 - Accumulation chart tooltip marker issue has been fixed.


  • #I393339 - Empty record is displayed after searching a text when using the refresh method issue has been fixed.
  • #I392655 - Issue in deleting multiple tasks, when one task is collapsed issue has been fixed.
  • #I394407 - Script error occurs when we edit the baseline date issue has been fixed.
  • #I376455 - Unable to focus on chart element when editing is not enabled has been fixed.
  • #I393670, #I393633 - End date calculated wrongly for adding new task after zoom to fit is performed issue has been fixed.
  • #I391704-Need to disable HTML encoding in tooltip has been fixed.
  • #F149986 - Unable to use drop down edit in progress column has been fixed.


  • #I392233 - Filtering issue with Boolean values has been fixed and now working properly.
  • #I388879 - Destroying Grid with expanded child grid throws script error has been resolved.
  • #I388052 - Screen reader reads the column as draggable even though it is not a draggable column has been fixed.


  • I392686 - Now, the drag and drop between the cards will work fine when showAddButton is enabled with the Kanban columns.
  • I393080 - Now, the column border of the dragged clone cells will render properly.
  • I393078 - Now, the drag and drop between the cards will work fine with out any flickering.
  • #F176345 - Now, the Sort Comparer Function’s API link will work properly.


  • #I384240 - Issue with ”RemoveItems not working properly after adding items with specific index” has been resolved.


  • #I392653 - The content property in the event argument can now be used to customize the layer tooltip with format in the tooltipRender event.
  • #F174180 - Maps will function properly when adding and removing layers via the zoom event.
  • #I390757 - As an alternative to the click event, the onclick event is exposed.

PDF Viewer

  • #F176277 - Context menus will now open all the pages that are visible in the viewport.
  • #I3813 - The signature is now being downloaded without any pixel issue.
  • #I390997,#I392717,#I394607 - The signature is now displayed and properly positioned in the document that was downloaded.
  • #I383108 - Now,the custom stamp annotations are added properly in touch mode
  • #I377362 - Annotations are now placed in the correct position in the download PDF document with crop value.
  • #I383385 - The delete key can be used to remove annotations added in touch mode.
  • #I381030 - Unloading a PDF document from the first PDF Viewer component no longer affects the rendering of the PDF document in the second PDF Viewer component.
  • #I385936 - The value of the Add Signature button will not extend outside the button and missing Portuguese tooltips have been translated.
  • #I372855, #F173951 - An annotation can now be added and resized up to the edge of the PDF document.
  • #I380996 - The TextSearchComplete event will be triggered when the text is searched in the PDF viewer.
  • #I377035,#I379948 - A tooltip will be displayed in a form field even if the FormDesignerService is not injected.
  • #I380472 - Added form fields after pressing escape no longer shades form fields.
  • #I384112 - The formFieldSelect event will be triggered while selecting the first form field in the document.
  • #I386568 - In the Bootstrap5 theme, the search icon will change to a clear icon after a search has been initiated.
  • #I382999 - The type signature in the signature fields will be modified based on the height of the Signature field while resizing.
  • #I379221 - Now, cache values (PDF_CONTENT) are updated in the getCache() method.
  • #I385864 - Now, the dropdown values will be changed programmatically in the PDF Viewer.
  • #I386545 - Now, the signature field color will appear while scrolling down long document.
  • #I272377 - Now, the position and size of the arrow shapes in the shape annotation are same as in the downloaded document.
  • #F173953 - Now, Script error have been resolved.
  • #I378591 - The issue with the comment panel not opening after disabling and enabling again has been fixed.
  • #I386545 - Now, the signature field color will appear with opacity while scrolling down long document.
  • #I390764 - The issue of is document edited API is false while editing a document has been resolved.
  • #I388086 - The issue of replied comments merging with other annotations has been resolved.
  • #I379142,#I391296 - The x,y bounds of the form fields are proper while adding the form field.
  • #I386887 - The issue with radio button alignment with different zoom settings has been resolved.
  • #F175614 - For load failed and PDF file path not found errors, an error message is now displayed.
  • #I379627 - formFieldMouseover and formFieldMouseLeave is now trigger properly.
  • #I387260 - Now Signature Indicator Properties can be modified Programmatically in DOM.
  • #I384670 - Now that the type has been fixed, the signature value for the second time has been updated using form field collections.
  • #I382941,#I383132 - Now duplicate form fields able to select, move, delete and edit after deleting original form fields.
  • #I389566 - Now, Script Error is not occurs while try to change Pdf view to text view in sample.
  • #I376222 - Now, Annotation selector binds while dragging with right click and then clicking left click.
  • #I382568 - Now text boxes with the same name are saved and preserved after downloading and loading the document.
  • #I387261 - The signature in the signature field is not visible on Adobe Reader’s print preview has been resolved.
  • #I380373 - Now the event triggering is fixed for Hand Written Signature only, if it is a Signature field, then the add and remove signature events are skipped.
  • #I383430 - Now copy, cut and paste does not generate any duplicates while using key short cut.
  • #I376526 - Now, Mobile device resizing of the Signature Form Field has been improved.
  • #I392270 - Now Signature is not drawn few inches away from the cursor on signature dialog.
  • #I389178 - If the target position is within the document, a form field will be added. As a result, adding Inaccessible Form fields is prevented.

Pivot Table

  • #I390649 - When virtual scrolling is enabled, the pivot table now properly refreshed while performing value sorting.
  • #I364830 - Improved server-side engine performance. As a result, pivot table can now render up to 3 million records without any issues.
  • #I382580 - The calculated field UI now has a “Format” dropdown option for relational data source.


  • #I391922 - Issue with Show Buttons option in query builder has been fixed.


  • #FB36307 - Now, pressing the tab key to focus out of the Rich Text Editor when Iframe mode is enabled and saveInterval is set as 0, the change event will be triggered properly.


  • #I392060 - An issue with scrollTo method not working in timeline views has been fixed.


  • #I392958 - Issue with “exception throws while pressing the ctrl key in the search input on the filter popup” has been resolved.
  • #I393391 - Issue with “cell values convert into Date type while scrolling the sheet along with cell value contain - in the data” has been resolved.


  • #384387 - The issue with “Switch component click event trigger two times when we handling enable/disable dynamically” has been resolved.