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Syncfusion Vue UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

May 12, 2022


  • Provided compatibility support for the latest Dart Sass version to compile our theme files.
Breaking Changes


  • I372269 - Issue with “value is displayed instead of text while binding beyond the initial loading data values” has been resolved.


  • #I360879 - Provided support to disable the marker explode without tooltip and highlight mode.


  • #I373763 - Now, old value of SelectionChange event are updated properly.
  • #I373774 - The sourcePointChange and targetPointChange events are triggered while dragging the node.
  • #I375741 - Now, the performance and Memory leak is resolved in the saveDiagram method.
  • #I372151 - Now, bezier connector annotation get exported properly as an image.
  • #I376498 - Now, the diagram zooming behaviour is changed as an old behaviour.

Document Editor

  • #FB34545 - Resolved the document editor container component destroy issue.
  • #I375339 - Resolved the restart page numbering consideration on table of content updating.
  • #I374447 - Resolved the empty pages issue on printing a document with landscape orientation.
  • #I373959 - Resolved the pagination issue on layouting and downloading a sfdt.
  • #I373287 - Resolved the control hanging issue while opening a document with table
  • #I366157, #I367362 - Resolved the table rendering issue at the bottom of the page.
  • #I373048 - Rejecting new paragraphs tracked changes releases the occupied space.
  • #I372635 - Resolved the issue in review pane while opening a default document with track changes.
  • #I372245 - Resolved the layouting issue for large footnote content which flows over the current page.
  • #I371788 - Resolved the multiple call issue when enabling the spellcheck after editing the document.
  • #I371641 - Resolved the minimum column width causes in-finite lopping issue when resizing table.
  • #I368482 - Resolved the table in document overlaps footer.
  • #I367499 - Resolved the chart color rendering and shape overlapping issue.
  • #I368087 - Resolved the list format issues when open document by Document Editor.
  • #I375771 - Text content contains html tag elements considered as HTML Element in DropDownButton issue has been resolved.

File Manager

  • #I368832, #I374668 - The issue with “Not able to upload an excel file in the File Manager component with SQL file provider” has been resolved.


  • #376228 - Duration is not updated while updating resource units using updateRecordByID method issue has been fixed.
  • #370224 - Filtering issue when rendering Gantt inside the modal has been fixed.
  • #376455 - Tab key navigation not working properly when moving from grid to timeline issue has been fixed.


  • #I377447 - When the bar pointer value is set to zero, the start of the pointer curve is properly rendered.
  • #I377616 - The Linear Gauge, which is embedded in its root element, is now rendered in 50% height.

PDF Viewer

  • #I372732 - A signature in the signature field will be displayed in the downloaded document when the form field properties have been updated using the updateFormFields method.
  • #I361979 - Now, signature fields with the same value for the name property will be visible when the document is downloaded and reloaded.
  • #I367560, #I367313 - Improved the pinch-zoom in and out responsiveness in the mobile device.
  • #I368770, #I373344, #I372215 - Now, the properties of text box fields are changed properly using the textFieldSettings property.
  • #I369002 - A signature will be downloaded in the correct position for rotated and scanned documents.
  • #I369554 - The form fields are now added horizontally to the page, even for rotated documents.
  • #I371560 - Form fields in a rotated document will be rendered according to the field rotation.
  • #I373137 - The ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception will no longer occur when extracting the text for the provided document.
  • #I375548, #I374826, #I375215, #I376171, #I376531 - The Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory was changed into a stable version.
  • #I364871 - Now, the handwritten signature images and custom stamps will be resized proportionally.
  • #I368168 - PDF Viewer toolbar appeared properly from view on zooming in mobile mode.
  • #I370140 - The label content of calibrating annotations is correctly updated when their properties are edited programmatically.
  • #I370758 - The Script error will no longer be thrown while downloading the document after adding the handwritten type signature on a mobile device.
  • #I370904 - The signature collection and some signature properties are properly defined in the addSignature event on a mobile device.
  • #I377746 - The PDF Viewer download button no longer opens the blob URL in Firefox for downloading the document.
  • #I367878 - The Script error will no longer be thrown while clicking the form field for the second time.
  • #I373785 - The initial field will no longer be undefined after filling the field.
  • #I363381 - The formFieldPropertiesChange event triggers on removing the signature from the signature field.
  • #I371825 - Now, the form fields will appear while scrolling through the different pages.
  • #I371838 - The Custom stamp annotation will be rendered correctly for the PDF document provided.
  • #I365736, #I366420 - In mobile devices, the Script error will no longer occur when adding the signature.
  • #I368647, #I366041 - Exposed a method to focus form fields on a document.
  • #I362221, #I364814, #I368380, #I363379 - Provided the support for field Id and field Name for the Form Fields events.
  • #I353301 - Implemented the GetPageNumberFromClientPoint, ConvertClientPointToPagePoint, ConvertPagePointToClientPoint, ConvertPagePointToScrollingPoint and zoomToRect methods.

Pivot Table

  • #I363090 - The previous cell selection can now be maintained while restricting the current selection in the pivot table’s column axis using the cell selection event.
  • #I373754 - The pivot table can now be exported properly to Excel and CSV formats while using the virtual scrolling feature, with sub-totals hidden.
  • #I374945 - The pivot chart will now refresh properly with the specified height when switching from adaptive to desktop mode.
  • #F174296 - Members of a specific field are now sorted based on user-defined order in the Pivot Table’s row and column axes.


  • I375944 - Issue with Null value is not available in IN operator of query builder has been fixed.


  • #I374234 - Now, the Rich Text Editor table resize works properly when width is configured for the parent element.


  • #I374675 - The appointment border maintained after deselection on multiple appointment selections has been fixed.
  • #I373707 - An issue with appointments rendered in the min-max date range in vertical views has been fixed.


  • #F174225 - Background color not exported properly when the conditional formatting contains “null” format issue resolved.
  • #I377104 - Clear options not working properly for localized text issue is resolved.
  • #I362282 - Provided support for date column filter popup UI like parent-child combination of checkboxes functionality.


  • #I377352 - The samples in the TreeMap sample browser can now be edited in the StackBlitz.