Essential Studio for Vue Release Notes

December 3, 2019


Bug Fixes

  • #256664 - Polar and radar axis labels overlapping with legend issue fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #147532 - Provided addParams CRUD support for Batch Edit mode in RemoteSaveAdaptor.


Bug Fixes

  • #256513 - The issue “Not able to determine undo/redo action in the historyChange event” has been fixed.
  • F148889 - The issue with the collectionChange event arguments that do not have parentId information in the element property has been fixed.
  • F148889 - The issue with the TextAnnotation element size that grows on every move has been fixed.
  • F148889 - Exception raises when we clear and change the text of TextAnnotation node and click to focus on other element has been fixed.
  • F148889 - The issue with the Position change event that is not raised properly has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #253076 - Accessibility issues in Gantt has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #254242 - Provided load event support while performing the export action in Grid.
  • #254782 - Selected rows are deselected when opening Context Menu while having columnTemplate in Grid issue has been fixed.
  • #255479 - Multi-sorting is not working in Mac devices issue has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • Now we have passed new properties(such as Grid instance and current column object) on the filter itemTemplate arguments, so we have changed the argument structure from data object to complex object like below.
  • {parent: Grid,data: Object, column: column}


Bug Fixes

  • #F147087 - script error “contains of undefined in ListBox” while rendering the ListBox and multi select in the same router page has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #253751 – Resolved the typo error in annotation exported data.
  • #255345 – Errors will no longer occur while rendering the annotation in the Firefox browser.
  • #255137 – Errors will no longer occur in mobile view mode if we set the Pan interaction mode.
  • #253704 – The form fields are downloaded properly while loading the PDF document in tab control.
  • #253745 – The annotationAdd and annotationPropertiesChange events are triggered properly for the annotations.
  • #252881 – The toolbar settings property is working for mobile device.
  • #255042, #255073 – Errors will no longer occur if the session storage exceeds the maximum limit.
  • #254115, #254942 – The annotation modified date is preserved properly in different localization.
  • #256044 – The font family and text alignment are rendered properly from the exported FreeText annotation data.
  • #255124 – The text markup annotations are now added properly if the PDF Viewer element ID contains characters.


  • #251150 – Provided the support to find the interlinked annotations while selecting the annotations.
  • #243077 , #241487, #244802, #252340 – Provided the support for setting the annotation UI properties.
  • #254634 – Provided the support to maintain the aspect ratio for custom stamp annotation.


Bug Fixes

#F149339, #256583 - The issue with passing empty string value to cssClass API has been fixed.