Essential Studio for Vue Release Notes

June 4, 2019



  • Provided method to focusIn and click.


Bug Fixes

  • #I237023 - The issue with pointer animation on setting more than 80% of the pointer radius has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #233040- Provided support to get the service root url from odata context field to use during batch operation.


Bug Fixes

  • #237131 - The issue “Layout is messed up when diagram have disconnected nodes” has been resolved using complex hierarchical tree layout.
  • #237533 - The issue “min-height and min-width properties of node does not updated properly at run time” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #144624 - Resolved the issue with resizing when rendering a grid inside a dialog.


Bug Fixes

  • #236930 - Table exported properly when document contains continuous table.
  • #236502 - Table last column resizing is now working properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #236235 - To get the visible element in custom function while using custom validation has been resolved.
  • #235593 - To send the tr element in rowDataBound event instead of document fragment has been fixed.
  • #144448 - Maximum call stack issue while invoking clearFiltering method in dataBound event has been fixed.
  • #144431 - Grid export when null is provided for any complex field has been resolved.
  • #235415 - actionFailure event during successful server side CRUD actions has been resolved.
  • #234931 - Performance of checking checkbox columns during show/hide operation has been optimized.
  • #235081 - Column value as null in contextMenuClick event args while the target is column cell has been fixed.
  • #232225 - Server side Sorting in complex type(with nullable value) data column has been fixed.
  • #143671 - Grid filter with null date values has been resolved.
  • #225078 - Excel filter check list search criteria has been considered for grid filtering.


Bug Fixes

  • #I237041 - The issue in the sublayers are not re-rendered when zooming or panning is fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Provided public method ‘progressComplete’ to complete the progress.


Bug Fixes

  • Selected value not maintained properly for radiobutton field.


Bug Fixes

  • #234667 - An issue with Scheduler is not properly navigating to selected date in timeline views has been fixed.
  • #234974 - An issue with Deleting ready only events is fixed.
  • #143894 - An issue with selecting work cells for multiple rows is fixed.
  • #234587 - An issue with rendering events with huge number of events in same times in week view is fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • No more script issue occurs, on rendering the preload files as empty.