Essential Studio for Vue Release Notes

September 22, 2018


Breaking Changes

  • The individual npm package will no longer bundle dependent component’s style. The online web tool CRG can be used to combine specific set of component and its dependent component styles.


Bug Fixes

  • ColorPicker collision issue fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • ODataV4 - Now ETag information is skipped while perform PATCH update.
  • ODataV4 - Using Guid key field failed issue resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the issue with modal dialog’s overlay animation.
  • Provided getButtons method to access the instances of dialog buttons directly.


Bug Fixes

  • Cursor position is now updated properly when placed after image, bookmark.


Bug Fixes

  • Initial multi-sorting icon is added incorrectly fixed.
  • Validation for complex property is not added properly resolved.


  • Dialog edit template support added.
  • Reactive aggregate update support added.
  • Date time type column filter support added.
  • Windows explorer like check-box selection added.
  • Expand and collapse enabled in excel exported document for grouped grid.
  • Support to prevent the overriding of autofit columns by Resizing added.
  • Show All option added for page size drop-down.



  • Bubble tile type support has been included in heatmap for visualizing data points by mapping the data to bubble size and bubble color.
  • Axis label increment feature has been added to heat map. It’s is used to display the axis label with regular interval values in numeric and date time axes
  • Provided the smart legend feature for fixed type legend.
  • Provided the support for nested data binding for JSON data.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed selectMultipleItems public method issue with empty dataSource.
  • Fixed removeMultipleItems public method issue with custom fields mapping.



  • 208354, 211758 — Value fields can be placed in row axis now.
  • Virtual scrolling options have been provided to load large amounts of data with high performance.
  • Conditional formatting support allows users to define conditions and format grid cells’ font, colour etc.
  • Label and value-based filtering options are provided that work similar to Microsoft Excel.


Bug Fixes

  • The nodeData argument in nodeSelected event showing wrong value issue has been fixed.