Customize pager drop down in Vue Grid component

16 Mar 20232 minutes to read

To customize default values of pager dropdown, you need to define pageSizes as array of strings.

    <div id="app">
        <ejs-grid :dataSource='data' :allowPaging='true' :pageSettings='pageSettings' height='280px' >
                <e-column field='OrderID' headerText='Order ID' :isPrimaryKey='true' textAlign='Right' width=100></e-column>
                <e-column field='CustomerID' headerText='Customer ID' width=120></e-column>
                <e-column field='Freight' headerText='Freight' textAlign='Center' format='C2' width=80></e-column>
             <e-column field='ShipCountry' headerText='Ship Country' width=120></e-column>
import Vue from "vue";
import { GridPlugin,Toolbar, Page } from "@syncfusion/ej2-vue-grids";
import { data } from './datasource.js';

export default {
  data: () => {
    return {
      data: data,
      pageSettings: {pageSizes: ['5','10','All']}
  provide: {
    grid: [Page]
  @import "../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-vue-grids/styles/material.css";