Form fields in Vue Document editor component

30 Mar 20234 minutes to read

Document Editor Container component provide support for inserting Text, CheckBox, DropDown form fields through in-built toolbar.

Form Fields

Insert form field

Form fields can be inserted using insertFormField method in editor module.

//Insert Text form field
//Insert Checkbox form field
//Insert Drop down form field

Get form field names

All the form fields names form current document can be retrieved using getFormFieldNames().


Get form field properties

Form field properties can be retrieved using getFormFieldInfo().

//Text form field
var textfieldInfo = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.getFormFieldInfo('Text1');
//Checkbox form field
var checkboxfieldInfo = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.getFormFieldInfo('Check1');
//Dropdown form field
var dropdownfieldInfo = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.getFormFieldInfo('Drop1');

Set form field properties

Form field properties can be modified using setFormFieldInfo.

// Set text form field properties
var textfieldInfo = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.getFormFieldInfo('Text1');
textfieldInfo.defaultValue = "Hello";
textfieldInfo.format = "Uppercase";
textfieldInfo.type = "Text"; = "Text2";

// Set checkbox form field properties
var checkboxfieldInfo = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.getFormFieldInfo('Check1');
checkboxfieldInfo.defaultValue = true; = "Check2";

// Set checkbox form field properties
var dropdownfieldInfo = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.getFormFieldInfo('Drop1');
dropdownfieldInfo.dropDownItems = ['One','Two', 'Three']; = "Drop2";

Note:If a form field already exists in the document with the new name specified, the old form field name property will be cleared and it will not be accessible. Ensure the new name is unique.

Export form field data

Data of the all the Form fields in the document can be exported using exportFormData.

var formFieldDate = this.$refs.documenteditor.ej2Instances.exportFormData();

Import form field data

Form fields can be prefilled with data using importFormData.

var textformField = {fieldName: 'Text1', value: 'Hello World'};
var checkformField = {fieldName: 'Check1', value: true};
var dropdownformField = {fieldName: 'Drop1', value: 1};
//Import form field data

Reset form fields

Reset all the form fields in current document to default value using resetFormFields.


Protect the document in form filling mode

Document Editor provides support for protecting the document with FormFieldsOnly protection. In this protection, user can only fill form fields in the document.

Document editor provides an option to protect and unprotect document using enforceProtection and stopProtection API.

The following example code illustrates how to enforce and stop protection in Document editor container.

    <div id="app">
      <ejs-documenteditorcontainer ref='container' :serviceUrl='serviceUrl' height="590px" id='container' :enableToolbar='true'></ejs-documenteditorcontainer>
  import Vue from 'vue';
  import { DocumentEditorContainerPlugin, DocumentEditorContainerComponent,Toolbar} from '@syncfusion/ej2-vue-documenteditor';


  export default {
    data() {
      return { serviceUrl:''};
    provide: {
      //Inject require modules.
      DocumentEditorContainer: [Toolbar]
    //enforce protection
    //stop the document protection

Note: In enforce Protection method, first parameter denotes password and second parameter denotes protection type. Possible values of protection type are NoProtection |ReadOnly |FormFieldsOnly. In stop protection method, parameter denotes the password.