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The CDN links are provided individually for all the scripts and style sheets of Syncfusion Vue UI components.

The CDN link is provided to following files in the package

  1. UMD Files
  2. CSS Files

The un-versioned CDN links, which always maintain the latest version scripts are deprecated from 2022 Vol1 - 20.1 version. These links are available with 19.4 version scripts to avoid breaking in sites and apps that use un-versioned links.

The latest minified versions of all UMD, Global and CSS files are available on CDN:


For example

Versioned files are also available on CDN.


For example


Syncfusion Vue packages is published and available in public npm registry.

Anatomy of NPM packages

Syncfusion Vue UI components are shipped as npm packages. Following table explains the purpose of each file available in the package.

Files Purpose  
dist/es6 This folder contains the ES6 formatted JS file of the package.  
dist/<packagename>.umd.min.js dist/<packagename>.umd.js For applications using AMD or Common JS based module loader can be utilize these files.  
src/ This folder contains the script files in AMD format. You can connect these AMD files as a package in System JS or Require JS.  
styles/<theme name>.css styles/<theme name>.scss This folder contains the CSS and SCSS files of the package.