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AggregateColumnModel API in Vue TreeGrid API component

Interface for a class AggregateColumn




Defines the column name to display the aggregate value. If columnName is not defined, then field name value will be assigned to the columnName property.


CustomSummaryType | string

Defines a function to calculate custom aggregate value. The type value should be set to custom. To use custom aggregate value in the template, use the key as ${custom}. Total aggregation: The custom function will be called with the whole data and the current AggregateColumn object. Group aggregation: This will be called with the current group details and the AggregateColumn object.



Defines the column name to perform aggregation.


string | Function

Defines the footer cell template as a string for the aggregate column. The type name should be used to access aggregate values inside the template.


string | NumberFormatOptions | DateFormatOptions

Format is applied to a calculated value before it is displayed. Gets the format from the user, which can be standard or custom number and date formats.


AggregateType | AggregateType[] | string

Defines the aggregate type of a particular column. To use multiple aggregates for single column, specify the type as array. Types of aggregate are,

  • sum
  • average
  • max
  • min
  • count
  • falsecount
  • truecount
  • custom

    Specify the type value as custom to use custom aggregation.