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StaticFunctions API in Vue Recurrence Editor API component

Root static functions of RecurrenceEditor Component


Method to generate recurrence rule object from given rule

Parameter Type Description
rules string Accepts the recurrence rule

Returns RecRule


Generates the date collections from the given recurrence rule

Parameter Type Description
startDate Date Accepts the rule start date
rule string Accepts the recurrence rule
excludeDate string Accepts the exception dates in string format
startDayOfWeek number Accepts the start day index of week
maximumCount number Accepts the maximum number count to generate date collections
viewDate Date Accepts the current date instead of start date
calendarMode CalendarType Accepts the calendar type
newTimezone string Accepts the timezone name

Returns number[]


Generate Summary from Recurrence Rule

Parameter Type Description
rule string Accepts the Recurrence rule
localeObject L10n Accepts the locale object
locale string Accepts the locale name
calendarType CalendarType Accepts the calendar type

Returns string


Generate date object from given date string

Parameter Type Description
recDateString string Accepts the exception date as string

Returns Date


Method to generate string from date

Parameter Type Description
date Date Accepts the date value

Returns string