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Filter API in Vue Grid API component

The Filter module is used to handle filtering action.



Clears all the filtered rows of the Grid.

Parameter Type Description
fields (optional) string[] returns the fields

Returns void


Filters the Grid row by fieldName, filterOperator, and filterValue.

Parameter Type Description
fieldName string Defines the field name of the filter column.
filterOperator string Defines the operator to filter records.
filterValue string | number | Date | boolean | number[] | string[] | Date[] | boolean[] Defines the value which is used to filter records.
predicate (optional) string Defines the relationship of one filter query with another by using AND or OR predicate.
matchCase (optional) boolean If match case is set to true, then the filter records
the exact match or
filters records that are case insensitive (uppercase and lowercase letters treated the same).
ignoreAccent (optional) boolean If ignoreAccent set to true, then filter ignores the diacritic characters or accents while filtering.
actualFilterValue (optional) Object Defines the actual filter value for the filter column.
actualOperator (optional) Object Defines the actual filter operator for the filter column.
isForeignColumn (optional) boolean Defines whether it is a foreign key column.

Returns void


Renders checkbox items in Menu filter dialog.

Returns HTMLElement