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MenuItems API in Vue FileManager API component

NewFolder :- Allows you to quickly create a new folder
Upload :- Allows you to quickly and easily upload files from your local computer.
Cut :- Allows you to remove a file or folder from its current location and move it to a different location.
Copy :- Allows you to create a duplicate of a file or folder and place it in a different location.
Paste :- Allows you to place a previously cut or copied file or folder in a new location.
Delete :- Allows you to remove a file or folder permanently.
Download :- Allows you to quickly and easily download files to your local computer.
Rename :- Allows you to change the name of a file or folder.
SortBy :- Allows you to sort files and folder by different criteria such as name, date, size, etc.
Refresh :- Allows you to refresh the current folder's content, showing the changes made on the folder.
SelectAll :- Allows you to select all the files and folders in the current folder.
View :- Allows you to change the way files and folders are displayed.
Details :- Allows you to see additional information about the files and folders, such as the size and date modified.
Open :- Allows you to open the selected file or folder.
* NewFolder
* Upload
* Cut
* Copy
* Paste
* Delete
* Download
* Rename
* SortBy
* Refresh
* SelectAll
* View
* Details
* Open