Essential Studio for React Release Notes

July 26, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I391172 - Browser clashes while performing pinch zooming has been fixed.
  • #I383951 - Chart zooming is not working after zoom reset in mobile mode has been fixed.
  • #I392310 - Console error When performing range selection in hidden series has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I388692 - Now connectors are properly connected to the node after save and load.
  • #I384554 - Now scroll settings offset are updated properly dynamically.


Bug Fixes

  • #I393351 - Now, the drag action for the dialog content area is prevented.


Bug Fixes

  • #I392289, #I392289 - Resolved issue in adding custom context menu item.
  • #I391927 - Resolved issue in stopProtection API.
  • #I381509, #I376243, #I383105, #I378540, #I379501 - Resolved document layouting issue due to footnote element.
  • #I389862 - Resoled issued in accepting revision inside the table.
  • #I383928 - The cell background color is now rendered properly.
  • #I381259 - Resolved the script error while switching between print and web layout.
  • #I379297 - Resolved the issue with the header footer while pasting content.
  • #I380334 - Resolved table layouting issue.
  • #I376898 - Resolved issue with pasting table inside another table.
  • #I383930 - Resolved the table collapse issue while inserting a column in the merged cell.
  • #I383369 - Improved performance of replacing more than 10000 occurrences of a text.
  • #I381261 - Next editing range is now navigated properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #I387901 - Command column disappear on pressing shift+tab key issue has been fixed.
  • #I375590 - Now the Screen Reader announcing the state of the expand and collapse icon properly.
  • #I390959 - setRowData method is now working properly with Column Template has been fixed.
  • #I390767 - Text wrapping is not applied in the Stack header feature issue has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • The Expand and Collapse icon element change from div to anchor tag due to improvement in web accessibility.
  • WAI-ARIA aria-rowindex validation error has been resolved. Now the aria-rowindex and aria-colindex starting from 1.


Bug Fixes

  • #F175828 - Now, customSelection event is trigger when we render the component with itemTemplate and allowFiltering.


Bug Fixes

  • #I389566 - Now, Script Error is not occurs while try to change Pdf view to text view in sample.
  • #I376222 - Now, Annotation selector binds while dragging with right click and then clicking left click.
  • #I382568 - Now text boxes with the same name are saved and preserved after downloading and loading the document.
  • #I387261 - The signature in the signature field is not visible on Adobe Reader’s print preview has been resolved.
  • #I380373 - Now the event triggering is fixed for Hand Written Signature only, if it is a Signature field, then the add and remove signature events are skipped.
  • #I383430 - Now copy, cut and paste does not generate any duplicates while using key short cut.
  • #I376526 - Now, Mobile device resizing of the Signature Form Field has been improved.
  • #I392270 - Now Signature is not drawn few inches away from the cursor on signature dialog.


Bug Fixes

  • #I375472 - Issue with Rule template default rendered while add condition/group in query builder, if first column as rule template has been fixed.
  • #I388333 - Issue with Value template not destroy properly when we use complex data source in query builder has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I380086 - Now, resizing the table’s first and last columns when the Rich Text Editor is rendered inside the Grid component works properly.
  • #I391326 - Now, the Font-family value property is case-Insensitive in the Rich Text Editor.
  • #I388270 - Now, Script error is not thrown when we click background color toolbar of the RTE, which is rendered inside a table.


Bug Fixes

  • #I392060 - An issue with Appointments start and end time were changed on schedule property change has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I392225 - Issue with “exception throws while applying large formula in the sheet” has been resolved.
  • #I391983 - Issue with “custom sorting for multiple columns is not applied properly” has been resolved.
  • #I345383 - Issue with “unwanted commas added in the exported sheet” has been resolved.
  • #I391962 - Issue with “sort order is not getting properly while sorting the column” has been resolved.
  • #I391982 - Issue with “sorting the time column without considering AM / PM” has been resolved.
  • #I390848 - Issue with “sorting method is not working properly when active cell is not the sorting column” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F175410 - Resolved adding multiple rows through add record method in batch editing.